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People Prone to Skin Cancer Refuse to Stop Tanning

According to a new survey, even individuals who are prone to or have a higher risk of getting skin cancer refuse to stop sunbathing without sunscreen.

The survey, released by BMC PublicHealth, noted that people who had family histories of melanoma revealed they refused to put on sun screen when they went outdoors. Further, the same survey cited that those people still engaged and embraced certain activities like tanning.

Younger women, in particular, were most likely to skip sun protection products. While some said that they did so because they believed tanning was healthy, others admitted that they didn’t give much thought to the eventual possible consequences.

The subjects for this survey were considered “at risk” because of prior family history as far as sun-related cancers. Also, the report noted that all of the people involved in the survey lived in Tampa and Philadelphia.

Sharon Manne, one of the authors of the study and known researcher at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey noted a growing lack of awareness as it relates to tanning.

"To reduce the incidence of melanoma, we need to reduce the perceived benefits of sunbathing," she said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 58,000 people in the United States developed some sort of skin cancer in 2007. Of that total, 8,461 ended up dying.

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