People Inject Saline Into Their Foreheads to Have a 'Bagel Head'

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National Geographic's 'Taboo' TV shows reveals a bizarre Japanese trend for 'bagel heads,' which are created by injecting saline into the forehead via a needle.

The saline slowly begins filling the forehead. Later, by pressing in the center of the swollen area with a thumb, people can have this popular look, reports the Daily Mail.

After a two-hour treatment, the bagel head look only lasts for 16-24 hours, after which the forehead reduces back to its normal size. 'Taboo' shows three people undergoing the treatment in Tokyo, Japan.

The trend was created by the artist Keroppy, who told Vice magazine how he came across it in Toronto, Canada, at the extreme body modification convention Modcon in 1999: "I happened to meet Jerome, who was the person who pioneered saline infusions. We stayed in contact, then eventually I experienced saline with him in 2003 and he gave me permission to bring it to Japan. I set up a team in Tokyo to administer infusions for other people. That’s been going since 2007."

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