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Chiropractor Cracks Baby's Spine (Video)

A video of an Australian chiropractor cracking a 4-day-old baby girl's back has sparked controversy (video below).

The recording shows the little girl wiggling around while the chiropractor, Ian Rossborough, stretches out her body and talks to the parents, the Daily Mail reports.

“I have to unfortunately extend her a little bit to get her in the right place,” he tells the parents.

A loud crack can be heard before the baby starts crying.

“When you see the patients returned with these children, they always report that the child is just so much more comfortable, they sleep so much better, they eat so much better,” the chiropractor said in the video.

Some experts are upset by procedures like these for babies.

“'There is actually no evidence whatsoever that manipulating the spine makes any difference to things such as colic or asthma,” Dr. Frank Jones, president of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, told the Daily Mail. “I think that this is an unnecessary and seemingly almost cruel process that there is actually no evidence to support. Why would you ever ever do that? It should not be advertised, it should not be practiced.”

Even those who specialize in spine adjustments, such as surgeon Dr. John Cunningham, found the procedure shocking. He made a formal complaint to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency.

“There's not many things that make an orthopedic surgeon emotional, but when you see a premature baby having its back cracked, it literally makes my eyes water,” Cunningham says, Australia's ABC News reports.

“There would be risks of harm. There would be risks that the child could suffer some sort of fracture. Why would you do it? This is the thing that goes through my mind when I watch that video. Why on earth would you do that to a newborn?”

AHPRA CEO Martin Fletcher, who oversees the body's Chiropractic Board, refuses to fire Rossborough, stating the "high standards of chiropractic practice are in place.”

That statement has upset Cunningham.

“The Chiropractic Board is meant to be serving and protecting the public," Cunningham says. "Unfortunately, it seems to want to protect its own practitioners, rather than the general public, a lot of the time." 

Sources: Daily Mail,ABC News / Photo credit: YouTube via Daily Mail

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