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Pennsylvania Tree Trimmer Survives Chainsaw Blade Lodged In Neck

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Pennsylvania man James Valentine was rushed to a Pittsburgh hospital after a chainsaw blade was embedded in his neck on Monday afternoon.

Valentine, a professional tree trimmer, was trimming a tree in Ross Township when the accident happened. His coworkers quickly helped him down from the tree and made sure the blade remained in place to prevent profuse bleeding.

A doctor arrived on the scene to stabilize Valentine, who was then helped into an ambulance.

The 21-year-old was then taken to Allegheny General Hospital where an x-ray was taken of his neck; the x-ray showed that the blade had missed major arteries and had only cut through muscle.

Adler Tree Service owner and Valentine’s employer Dominic Migliozzi called the rescue “amazing”.

Valentine has since been released from surgery.

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Sources: NY Daily News, ABC News


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