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Pennsylvania Police Detective Ronald DePellegrin Gets Oral Sex from Prostitute Before Arresting Her

A cop from the Homestead Police Department in Pennsylvania decided to make the most out of his sting operation by getting oral sex from a prostitute before arresting her.

Detective Ronald DePellegrin apparently was perusing the internet one night when he came across an online sex ad placed by Diana Gross In the advertisement, Gross, 26, goes by her performance stage name: Beckie Dymon.

According to police, DePellegrin got permission from his supervisor to conduct the sting operation and then arranged for a quick $145 half-hour session with Gross.

At the scene, Gross “removed her shirt, exposing her breasts,” and fondled them, according to the police report. The detective was so taken by Beckie Dymon, apparently, that allowed her to perform oral sex on him before saying, “Oh sh*t, the cops are coming.” The “cops” being himself, of course.

A police union spokesman then defended the act, claiming “[Police officers] sometimes have to do what they have to do to effectuate an arrest.”

Gross then allegedly attempted to run away, completely naked, but was detained, arrested, and charged for prostitution. Since her arrest, she has hired a lawyer -- perhaps to get her $145 -- and is planning to pursue a civil rights lawsuit. 

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