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Pennsylvania EMT Dies After Tearing Artery Trying To Save Woman's Life

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A young EMT in Pennsylvania died after tearing an artery while trying to perform CPR and save somebody’s life.

Samantha Agins, a 22-year-old emergency worker from Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, was trying to revive an unresponsive woman at a summer camp in New Jersey on Sunday when the tragic incident occurred.

According to reports, Agins first attempted CPR on the woman, which proved unsuccessful. She then hooked the woman up to a defibrillator in an attempt to revive her, but she did not make it.

Later that night, Agins was taken to a nearby hospital after suffering a stroke and doctors informed her that she’d severed an artery while performing CPR. She had three more small strokes that evening, but was still responsive. 

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“She wasn’t as responsive as the first time, but I could take her home,” Paula Agins, the young woman’s mother, said. 

Agins then suffered a major stroke and was taken to the hospital, where she was put on life support. She subsequently developed locked-in syndrome before slipping into a coma, and died just 24 hours later.

In response to the heroic young woman’s death, her younger sister created the social hashtag “#PurpleHeartsforSam,” which quickly went viral. 

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“It’s been very overwhelming,” her mother said. “It speaks to the testimonial of just what kind of kid she was.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Pocono Record / Photo credit:


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