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Pennsylvania Chinese Restaurant Caught With Deer Brains And Heads

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A Lititz, Pennsylvania, Chinese restaurant was hit with 18 violations for having deer heads and brains on the premises.

Inspectors reportedly found deer body parts at New China House, along with “skinned and whole tails, legs, muscle meat, spines, necks and other unidentifiable parts both raw and cooked,” on Dec. 16.

Four trash bags, two boxes, three plastic tubs, one bucket and several bags of prepared food were removed from the restaurant. 

The New China House owner, who gave his name only as Chun, said that the deer parts were for soup that he was making for he and his wife and not for customer consumption.

“We don’t sell deer meat,” he said. 

“They took the deer bones -- we need for soup for my wife, and for me.”

“No one is permitted to sell the meat or other edible parts from harvested game. When hunters pay at the processor, their paying for their deer or a deer they've been given to be butchered and/or turned into some processed product,” Game Commission spokesman Travis Lau said.

Sources: Penn Live, NY Daily News / Photo credit: Google Earth via NY Daily News 

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