Pelosi: "Don't Worry About Who's Taking Care of Her Kids"

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I know when a woman is elected to Congress, my first thought is always "Who's watching her children, then?" 

Ok, it's not.  And it shouldn't be.  Which is why it's such a shock to hear Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi say something much similar to that in regards to Congresswoman-elect Kathy Hochul today.

Via The Washington Post:

Nancy Pelosi didn’t really say that, did she?

The Democratic House leader had a back to the 1950’s moment Thursday as she gushed over the special election win for a New York House seat by Democrat Kathy Hochul. 

“She is a mom, two kids, two young children,” Pelosi said, then corrected herself. “Not young children — college age. To all the people out there who wonder who’s going to take care of her children — they’re college age.”

College age.  Thank goodness!  Otherwise we may have to send her back to New York to finish rearing them.  Politics can wait!


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