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Pause in the Moment

Pauses are important to me and for my soul/ spirit. Just like the pause one finds when one moves from one asana to another. It is that moment which I call doing and not doing.

Just like we nourish our body and mind with food and water, my soul needs replenishing as well.  It too needs a break from all the self judgments and burden it carries. It too looks forward to a few days to just sit back and relax without any worries.

My soul carries the burden of all my actions, emotions and thoughts. My soul is my teacher that works 24/7. She multitasks on a daily basis and is constantly being poked, prodded and at times tortured. Her dignity has been taken away from her many times and that can be cruel and heart wrenching.  She works even in her sleep. Finding the true me within and bringing it to the forefront is no easy task. She is for ever working at guiding me back on to my path or journey of life.

Just picture this...... Kicking back in a lounge chair basking in the sun sipping a tall glass of lemonade! that is exactly what my soul is doing and she is smiling contentedly!

My soul has been without worries or judgments during the last few days. She has had no need to complete the puzzle of life. She can roam freely within without the worry of finding broken parts of me within. She has no need to be put into overdrive. She deserves to just slow down and do nothing.

For my soul to feel alive again she needs the world around and within her to stop and for that to happen she must stop doing herself. She needs to just let go of each emotion, thought or action. She must refrain from holding onto these and breathe them away.

Not doing is the first step to regaining one's strength. By gaining this very strength she will be able to help herself in becoming stronger and wiser.

So take the moment to PAUSE in that sweet feeling of doing and not doing. This too is Yoga!


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