Paul Ryan Plan: Kill Medicaid, Save Millionaires Money

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Talk about a switch.

The Mitt Romney Red Dogs barked up the ObamaCare Tree for years, saying it would kill
grandma. It didn’t matter that it copied RomneyCare, a successful state program that allowed
everyone in Massachusetts to have medical insurance with only a small increase in costs.

Now, suddenly, the Romney Red Dogs were told forget the ObamaCare Tree. The new
command was to circle the RyanCare Tree and waggle your tails. RyanCare could fix the
American healthcare quagmire and right dozen of government wrongs at the same time.

Yes, the Romney Red Dogs are out there now barking about how RyanCare not only would
save America constitutionalism but $750 billion dollars, too. Sounds like something to howl
about. But the poor hounds were never told that the money comes from simply cutting back on Medicare and Medicaid. The savings would actually go to tax cuts for millionaires—$262,000 apiece, according to Robert Reich, the former Labor Secretary.

Meanwhile, RyanCare would leash old hounds to Part C Medicare over the next 10 years. Part C is that program which is run by private insurance HMOs and PPOs. By 2022, there’d be no other choice but Part C. Regular few-for-service Medicare would end. So would your ability to choose your own doctor.

This means that RyanCare would privatize Medicare.

Federal oversight? Forget it. Just hand that money over to the private insurance carriers.
That’s the Ryan plan. This despite the fact that the federal government pays half of America’s healthcare costs already in order to keep the system functioning.

What’s more, Ryan would ask each senior on Part C Medicare to fork up an extra $6200 per
year. Those who cannot do it, well … tell them to go to the ER doghouse.

The head dogs at the Romney campaign are lapping it up. They got the Republican Red Dogs to switch what the media was focusing on. For the last year, the Media Dogs were growling about the fact that ObamaCare is a copy of RomneyCare, an insurance program that worked. But now, the Red Dogs got the media hounds lapping up RyanCare, the choke collar on a short leash that is the antithesis of RomneyCare.

This all leads back to the Ryan Budget that was passed by the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Besides downsizing Medicare, it calls for ending Medicaid, the healthcare program for the poor. Instead, states would get about two thirds of the current Medicaid money in block grants. The rest would cover the first few hundred bombing raids in the next war … against Iran, purportedly targeted for September 2013.

Aside from upping defense spending, Ryan’s budget would leave about 4 million children
without doctors. And forget pregnant women. If Rick Perry can kick 100,000 of them off
Medicaid in Texas, Ryan can kick a million of them off of it without much notice, too.

If you’re an Obama Blue Dog, I’m sure you’re just about as confused as the Congressional
Budget Office. The CBO explains that ObamaCare will not raise the deficit, as it works to make Medicare more efficient and guarantees health insurance to almost every U.S. citizen.

With RyanCare, the CBO says, well … the Ryan Budget would gut healthcare and leave it to
private insurance companies to pick up the pieces. The federal deficit would remain about the same for several years—one trillion dollars.

Amid all this, top Red Dog, Mitt Romney, has been left to lick his wounds. Romney didn’t even have a budget until last week. Then, when he picked Ryan, the House Republican Budget Lead Dog, he not only got a ready-made budget but a healthcare plan, too.

All the Old Dogs know what that means. The Ryan Budget, which Romney said he’d sign,
would help the wealthy offshore a trillion dollars in order to avoid taxes. Meanwhile, RyanCare gives the Middle Class Muts a red tag for their chains that reads, “Do Not Resuscitate.”


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