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Paul Mason Once Weighed 980 Pounds, Now 336 After Gastric Bypass Operation

Paul Mason, of Suffolk, England, has lost two-thirds of his 980 pounds following a gastric bypass operation that reduced his stomach to the size of an egg.

Mason now weighs 336 pounds, but says his target weight is between 196 and 210 pounds, reports The Sun.

The 51-year-old man told The Sun: "I was ashamed to be called the fattest man in the world because I knew I’d got myself in a hell of a state. Now I guess I could well be the biggest slimmer in the world, but I still have a way to go. I am proud that I have shown to other people with weight problems what can be achieved.”

British taxpayers paid over $1 million for his surgery via the UK's universal health care plan, also known as NHS.  Mason is now trying to get the NHS to pay for more surgery.

Mason added: “The NHS says my weight must be stable for two years before they will consider operating on me to remove the loose skin. But I want the surgery as soon as possible as it will enable me to become more mobile, and that will help me keep the weight off.”

He once ate 20,000 calories a day, about ten times the recommended level. His diet back then consisted of super-sized junk food and fried food.

Since Mason's bypass operation, breakfast is one slice of toast with jam or peanut butter, lunch is a small spaghetti bolognese, and dinner is a potato with cheese.

Mason doesn't take responsibility for his weight gain, but instead blames childhood bullying and the death of his dad in 1986.


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