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Paul Frank Industries: Sorry for Employee's Anti-Breastfeeding Tweet

If you follow breastfeeding issues on Twitter you've probably heard just about enough of this already, but last week an employee at a Paul Frank store in Los Angeles posted a tweet which said, "Having your whole boob out and breastfeeding in our store #NOTOKAYATALL."

After this spread across Twitter, the Los Angeles store tweeted a non-apology: "all we can do is apologize, it made other customers and ourselves uncomfortable." Finally, the company's PR firm responded to an Orange County Register blog:  "We sincerely apologize for the misguided comments of one employee.  Paul Frank Industries is a family company and brand and this does not reflect our opinion in any way.  The employee has been disciplined because the store's twitter account is used to promote products and special offers and is not a place to express personal opinions."

Of course, California law protects a mother's right to breastfeed in public, something never mentioned in the statement.

Photo by summer park via Flickr


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