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Patient Shocked By What Doctor Removes After Huge Cyst Forms On Neck (Video)


A video (below) details the necessary process that should occur when removing a cyst -- and the shocking result of a cyst removal on one patient’s neck.

In the video, Dr. Sandra Lee injects the area anesthetic before putting a hole in the cyst, Mad World News reports. Pressure is then applied around the cyst.

Suddenly, a thick piece of tissue that looks like a hardened lump of pus comes out followed by a stream of pus and blood. The removal leaves a large, empty hole that Lee stitches up.

Surgical scissors are used to remove excess skin, known as “sac contents” from the inside of the area where the cyst was removed. After the cyst is removed and the hole is closed, Lee shows the patient the hardened lump that was taken out of the area.

“Oh my gosh!” the patient exclaims.

Watch the procedure below.

Sources: Mad World News, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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