64-Year-Old Woman Goes In To Get 20 Teeth Removed, Dies

The Connecticut Department of Public Health suspended the license of Dr. Rashmi Patel, a dentist who reportedly tried to remove 20 teeth from a patient in Enfield, Conn., during one appointment.

Dr. Patel, who has been a practicing dentist in Connecticut for almost 11 years, had his dental license suspended on April 21.

The state claims that patient Judith Gan, 64, was having multiple teeth taken out and implants performed on Feb. 17 by Dr. Patel, notes the Associated Press.

After she became unresponsive, Gan had to be rushed to a hospital in Springfield, Conn., where she died.

Dr. Patel has been called before a June 18 hearing at the Connecticut State Dental Commission, which claims the dentist didn't respond as he should have when Gan's oxygen levels dropped, reports Journal Inquirer.com.

However, Michael Kogut, Dr. Patel's attorney, says there is no proof that Dr. Patel's actions caused Gan's death.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health claims that another patient spent six days in the hospital because of a procedure performed by Dr. Patel.

Sources: Journal Inquirer.com and Associated Press.


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