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Pat Robertson Blames 'Demonic Games' for Teen Suicide in U.S. (Video)

Pat Robertson noted the high suicide rate among American teenagers today on the "700 Club."

He then gave the reasons why young people take their lives (video below), which apparently include video games.

Robertson was commenting on a "700 Club" report about the suicide of the daughter of Southern Baptist leader Frank Page, noted

In an interview with, Page said that his daughter Melissa (who died in 2009) had an "addictive personality" and added: "It showed in addiction to prescription drugs that she would get legally, inappropriately by going to lots of different doctors, or even getting prescription drugs illegally."

Page also said that in the "Christian community... we like things to be in pretty little packages and everybody to be happy. Sometimes we’re not as honest as we ought to be, not as transparent as we should be."

However, Robertson had a completely different take on the suicide of young people.

"Why do kids kill themselves? Teenagers, it's perhaps the most prevalent cause of death among teenagers. I think many of these automobile accidents are actually death by cars, but few people want to talk about it," said Robertson.

"Ladies and gentlemen our children are at risk. They're bulimic, there's anorexia, there's all kinds of demonic games they play. It used to be 'Dungeons and Dragons,' they got some new ones now, but the pressure on them is just incredible."

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