Pastor Matthew Hagee Says Praying for Healing Works 'Every Time' (Video)

Pastor Matthew Hagee answered a question from a viewer recently on the "Hagee Hotline" TV show about why praying for healing in Jesus' name doesn't always result in healing (video below).

Pastor Hagee claimed that "healing works every time," but in different forms and times, even when the person who is prayed for dies, notes RightWingWatch.org.

"There are times when you ask for healing in Jesus' name and you see an instantaneous healing. There are other times when you pray for healing in Jesus' name and the healing comes through a process. And then there are times when you pray for healing in Jesus' name and the person you pray for passes from this life," said Pastor Hagee. "But that does not mean they're not healed."

"The Bible says that when we get into presence of God that every sickness, every infirmity and every kind of weakness is gone, which is an absolute and total healing. We have simply changed our existence," claimed Pastor Hagee.

Pastor Hagee did not cite any Bible verses to back up his theology.

Source: RightWingWatch.org


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