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Parents Witness Miracle After Baby Is Declared Dead

When doctors told first-time parents Kate and David Ogg that one of their prematurely born newborn twins had stopped breathing, the couple held the boy in their arms, thinking it was their last moment with their child.

Then something happened. As the parents held their son, he started to move, and his breathing became more regular. Hospital staff worked to help the child, and miraculously, he survived, the Daily Mail reports.

The twins, Jamie and Emily, born in 2010, are now 6 years old and reportedly haven't had any serious health issues. Kate and David, who live in Australia, also have a 4-year-old son, Charlie, who they say regularly talks about his older siblings' incredible birth story.

The twins, born two minutes apart, were premature births, born after only six months of pregnancy.

"He stopped breathing and his heartbeat was nearly gone. After 20 minutes they stopped working on him," recalled Kate. "I saw him gasp but the doctor said it was no use. I took Jamie off the doctor, asked everyone to leave. He was cold and I just wanted him to be warm."

"We had tried for years to have kids and I felt so guilty," she added. Kate then told her husband to take off his shirt and climb into the hospital bed to help keep Jamie warm.

"I know it sounds stupid," she said. "But if he was still gasping there was still a sign of life so I wasn't going to give up easily."

Kate said that after she put a drop of breast milk on her finger, Jamie quickly took it, leading her to believe her son might still have a chance. Hospital staff had told the couple that what they had seen were only reflex actions, but they lied to get the doctor to come back to the room, according to Snopes.

David told a worker at the hospital to tell the doctor that the couple had come to terms with Jamie's death, but that they wanted him to come back to explain everything. When the doctor returned to their room, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"He got a stethoscope, listened to Jamie's chest and just kept shaking his head," said Kate. "He said, 'I don't believe it, I don't believe it.'"

Kate and David now work to save children who are born prematurely through Jamie's Gift, an online community that raises funds for the Miracle Babies Foundation to buy humidicribs and other equipment that can save the lives of premature babies.

"It's absolutely astounding," said Kate. "This whole experience makes you cherish them more."

Source: Daily Mail, Snopes, Jamie's Gift/Facebook / Photo credit: Supplied via Daily Mail

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