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Parents Throwing 'Measles Parties' To Infect Unvaccinated Kids (Video)

Some parents in California are hosting “measles parties” to intentionally expose their unvaccinated children to the disease.

At a measles party, unvaccinated kids are told to play with children who are already infected with measles, reports My Fox Atlanta.

California's Department of Public Health recommends against intentionally exposing children to measles, especially in light of the outbreak of the disease at Disneyland, reports WCHS-TV (video below).

Measles parties and chicken pox parties began decades before their respective vaccines were available in 1963 and 1995. The idea then was that parents would intentionally expose their children so the kids wouldn't experience the diseases as an adult.

Some of today's parents don't want their children getting vaccinated based upon medical misinformation, philosophy or religious views.

Measles can result in pneumonia or hearing loss, and can kill a child, reports KQED.

Sources: My Fox Atlanta, WCHS-TV, KQED Image Credit: Phantasus via Wikimedia Commons


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