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Parents Spread School Lunch Controversy, Students Debunk (Video)

One of the favorite targets of conservatives these days are the new healthy menus in public schools.

There have been multiple stories about kids refusing eat healthy foods at schools or supposedly starving because there is so little served.

The latest outcry was in Warren County, Ky., where students at Warren East High School are supposedly being deprived of nutrition (video below).

On Tuesday, an unidentified mother posted a picture of a school tray with barely any food on Facebook and wrote, "This is what they're feeding my 6'3" boy."

However, that was actually the meal that the boy chose (and photographed) as the school has an all-you-can-eat cafeteria.

"In today's social media age nothing ceases to amaze me," said Rob Clayton, superintendent of Warren County Public Schools, told WBKO.

Clayton dropped by the school for lunch and spoke to the kids on Wednesday.

"We want their feedback, and I've been pleasantly surprised when I spoke to dozens of students today," added Clayton. "I can't find any individual who claims that yesterday's lunch was not good."

In fact, the students debunked the picture.

"Some people said it was stupid. Some said they saw it, but didn't really comment on it," stated student Sabrina Bowman.

"They'll let you get as much vegetables as you want," added student Khalil Brit.

"So what our food service folks do is look at [federal] guidelines and then look at the best way to provide a healthy and tasty meal as well," Clayton said.

However, that's actually the problem for many conservatives who have tried to demonize the healthy lunches as a scary "federal government takeover" led by First Lady Michelle Obama, whom they despise.

The conservative website ran this inaccurate and Anti-Michelle Obama headline, "Student posts photo of his meager Michelle O lunch on Facebook – parents ‘concerned.'"

In the article, added some over-dramatics: "Take note, parents: these are the rations befitting a terrorist detainee, not your active high school student. Pack a lunch yourself and ensure your child is getting a proper meal."

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