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Parents Revive Their Dying Son With Cuddling

Kate and David Ogg of Queensland, Australia, became parents for the first time on March 25, 2010. Soon after, they were greeted with the news that one of their twins, a boy named Jamie, had stopped breathing.

Kate asked to hold her apparently lifeless child.

“I saw him gasp but the doctor said it was no use. I took Jamie off the doctor, asked everyone to leave. He was cold and I just wanted him to be warm,” Kate told the Daily Mail. “We had tried for years to have kids and I felt so guilty. I just wanted to cuddle him. I unwrapped him and ordered my husband to take his shirt off and climb into the bed.”

Kate was unwilling to accept the grim prognosis.

“I know it sounds stupid, but if he was still gasping there was still a sign of life so I wasn't going to give up easily.” 

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Jamie appeared to have come back to life in his parents’ arms.

“He suddenly gasped... then he opened his eyes. He was breathing and grabbing Dave's finger,” Kate said.

Hospital staff rushed in and Jamie was saved.

Jamie and his twin sister, Emily, are now healthy 5-year-olds, although they were both born prematurely at 26 weeks. Kate and David recently decided to tell their children about the circumstances of Jamie’s birth.

“Emily burst into tears, she was really upset and she kept hugging Jamie,” Kate said.

The twins’ younger brother, Charlie, thinks it’s a great story.

“He'll say: ‘When I was born I was fat and the twins were skinny. Jamie was also dead but now he is alive,’” Kate said.

The Ogg family now raises money for premature children through their charity, Jamie’s Gift.

Source: Daily Mail

Image: Courtesy Ogg Family via Daily Mail


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