Parents Protest Against California Vaccination Bill (Video)


Parents and others protested for the right not to vaccinate children in front of City Hall in Los Angeles on Monday.

The protesters oppose California Senate Bill 277, which would require children to be vaccinated against measles, whooping cough and other diseases if they attend pubic or private schools (video below).

Parents could get a vaccination exemption under SB 277 if they have a medical reason that is verified by a doctor, otherwise they are free to homeschool their children in order to protect the general population.

However, the Parents Against SB 277 Facebook page states:

SB277 is a bill that will remove personal and religious belief exemptions for both public and private School. This Bill will deny a minority of Children their right to a free public or private Education. It forces Children to be removed from their communities and takes away the rights of Parents to make medical decisions with their doctors.

Sources: CBS Los Angeles, Facebook
Image Credit: CBS Los Angeles Screenshot


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