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Two Hospitalized After Third Grade Student Hands Out Prescription Pills In School

Two Texas mothers are outraged after learning that a third grade student reportedly brought prescription pills to class and handed them out to classmates.

The incident occurred at Western Hills Elementary in Fort Worth on Nov. 19, Fox 29 reported.. A third grader brought unidentified prescription pills to school and handed them out to seven classmates.

"She saw white powder everywhere,” mom Rachel Marsden told Fox 29, explaining that her young daughter is in the class where the pills were distributed.

Two students, including the student who brought the pills, ingested them and were rushed to the hospital, the Fort Worth Independent School District (ISD) said. Both students are in stable condition.

Still, parents are outraged.

“There could be seven dead children that are in my daughter's class,” Jenn Warren said.

Warren’s daughter told her that school counselors brought students in to talk about stomach pumping following the incident.

“You don't need to learn how to get your stomach pumped when you're in third grade,” Warren said. “That's not really a thing.”

“We're focusing on kids bringing pills to school,” Marsden added. “For us adults it's dangerous to take. Could you imagine a kid taking it? An adult pill... what it could do to them. That's scary.”

Both parents said they don’t blame the school for the incident, but they questioned why school administrators didn’t call them. They both visited the school the following day to get some answers but say they were brushed off.

The school eventually sent out a letter acknowledging the incident. In it, they stated that, “Although the incident requires discretion, action would be taken.”

“I never thought we'd be dealing with this in the third grade,” Marsden added. “Middle school, maybe. Third grade, no.”

It's unclear what the prescription pills were.

Sadly, this isn't the first time a young student has brought a dangerous drug into school. In 2014, a Pennsylvania first-grader brought bags of his grandmother's heroin into school, CNN reported at the time. The boy handed out the drug to at least one other classmate before school officials caught him, according to authorities.

The boy's grandmother was arrested two days after the incident. She was charged with endangering the welfare of children and drug offenses for allegedly losing the heroin while she was babysitting.

Sources: Fox 29, CNN / Photo Credit: Fox 4, Michael Chen/Flickr

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