Parents Moving Kids to Colorado for Medical Marijuana (Video)


Parents with children in need of medical marijuana are reportedly packing up their families and moving to Colorado.

According to, Addyson Benton, 2, suffers about 1,400 seizures a day (video below).

Benton, who has myoclonic epilepsy, currently takes Depakote, which includes bad side effects for the liver and has not been effective.

“She has bite marks all up and down her arms,” Heather Benton, the child's mother, told “We think she’s weaning from Onfi, her last medication that didn’t work.”

Addyson is currently on a Colorado waiting list for marijuana with strong strains of CBD, which has been found to help people with seizures.

CBD is not what gets people high when they smoke that plant.

The Bentons plan to move to Colorado when Addyson comes off the waiting list, hopefully in October.

“It’s so sad to know that Addyson won’t be able to see her family because there is just such a lack of understanding about medical marijuana in our government here,” said Heather. “Not one part of me is afraid to give Addyson medical marijuana, but I’m terrified to keep giving her the medications she’s been prescribed, that haven’t worked, and have all these horrible side effects.”

According to, the Alabama state legislature recently approved a bill that legalizes CBD treatment for epileptic children as part of a research study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Department of Neurology.

The bill, also called "Carly’s Law," would protect patients and caregivers from marijuana prosecution.

Carly’s Law provides $1 million to support a five-year study of pediatric epilepsy patients who are given CBD. Governor Robert J. Bentley says he will sign the bill.

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