Parents Learn Daughter Missing by Seeing Her on TV


When you fill out your "Parents of the Year" nominating ballot, there is a mom and dad in Maryland you would likely want to leave off -- they only learned that their daughter was missing by seeing a report about her on television.

The Daily Mail reports that the three-year-old girl identified only as Harmony was at a Chuck E. Cheese in Bel Air, Maryland with about 10 family members Monday when they left without her.

It seems Harmony was with the group, but she found a game token and went back in to play another game. The parents, who apparently live apart but share custody, each thought the girl was with other family members.

When Harmony approached restaurant workers and said she was thirsty, they knew there was trouble. Since the family didn't make a reservation and paid in cash, there was no way to contact them.

So the restaurant contacted local news stations, which agreed to run the story. The parents saw the reports and contacted police.

Police say since this was an accident, no charges are likely to be filed.


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