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Parents Horrified To Learn Why Their 4-Month-Old Son Was Covered In Red Spots After Day Care (Photos)

A Texas mother grew extremely concerned when she picked her infant son from day care and noticed red spots all over him.

On Sept. 25 John and Jeanette Betancourt picked up their 4-month-old son from the in-home day care in San Antonio, Texas, they regularly use. After picking up him and noticing the spots, of which there were 27, the parents immediately started to ask questions. 

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When they asked the day care provider what happened, she said another child in her care had bitten their son.

“His legs were swelled up, they were purple and black and blue and I was just kind of shaking and I kept asking her, ‘This is a lot of bites, how did this happen?’” Betancourt said.

She says the 27 bite marks covered her son's body, including his face.

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“I was very angry because her explanation was she was making lunch for the other kids and she heard him cry but she went and checked and he was fine,” Betancourt told KSAT 12.

Things may get much worse for the woman running the day care center. After the incident, it came to light the facility reportedly wasn't being run legally. The state is now involved. 

“We interviewed her, we had questions for her," Betancourt said. "I asked her about being licensed, I asked her about being CPR and first aid certified. I asked her about her workers, she presented us with every piece of paper we asked for. She had licensing certificates on her wall.”

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The certificates on the walls were allegedly fake. A spokeswoman for Child Protective Services, Mary Walker, said that Child Care Licensing has launched an investigation into the day care center.

The Betancourts, along with other parents who used the day care facility, are not happy to hear the news. Betancourt says she would like the woman shut down for good.

Sources: Mad World News, KSAT 12 / Photo credit: Mad World News


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