Parents Hire Coaches to Teach Their Kids to Ride Bikes (Video)

The newest trend among some parents is hiring a coach to teach their children how to ride a bike.

Howard Roth works as a bike coach in Long Island, N.Y., where he teaches kids how to master a two-wheeler.

"Lower the seat, take off the pedals and work with them to find their balance," Roth told My Fox NY (video below).

Roth, whose private lessons start at $90, works with children who have disabilities and kids who are just having a hard time balancing, like 8-year-old Max Goldberg.

"I kept wiggling and I couldn't balance so I kind of got annoyed," said Max, whose mom decided to hire Roth.

"Max's problem was there was a fear factor," said Roth, who published the book "Riding Made Easy" ten years ago.

"There's a moment when they ride when they are astounded at themselves, they are amazed at their abilities, and they can't believe they can do it," Roth explained.

The organization Bike New York offers free lessons on how to ride a bike.

“Our instructors teach every weekend so they know the common problems and can easily teach to overcome those,” Bike New York Communications Manager Dan Suraci told Today.com. “Kids have a way of relating to other kids. When they get something and are energized about it, they share with each other.”

However, this type of coaching was mocked by The Washington Times, which blared the headline, "American exceptionalism is officially dead: Coaches hired to teach kids to ride bikes."

Sources: The Washington Times, My Fox NY, Today.com


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