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Parents Defer to Small Children Who Hate Healthy School Lunches (Video)

The School Nutrition Association (SNA), a trade association for the food industry, has attacked First Lady Michelle Obama's efforts to make school lunches healthier.

According to, the companies that fund the SNA include: Schwan's Food Service (maker of pizzas for schools) Kellogg's, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Domino's Pizza and Tyson Foods.

The SNA reportedly wants Congress and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture to drop whole-grain requirements, stop dropping sodium levels in food and cease making kids eat a fruit or vegetable.

In response to the SNA, Republicans in Congress are trying to pass a law that would allow waivers for schools that report a financial loss in their food programs.

Fox News' host Sandra Smith parroted a SNA press release this week and claimed that the healthy lunch program was "failing" (video below).

According to Fox 4, Kansas City-area parents recently complained on the TV station's Facebook page about their kids not eating healthy foods at school, which they blamed the schools for, not the kids who know nothing about nutrition.

“The food provided as school lunch is not even edible. My 5-year old isn’t picky and she cries if we accidentally forget to pack her lunch,” wrote parent Jaye Anne Isom-Moloski.

Parent Jennifer Smith-Mcwhirt added, “Yes it motivates us to send actual healthy food from home so our child doesn’t have to eat school lunches."

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