Parents Consider Legal Action After Nurse Accidentally Cuts Off Infant Son's Toe


A New Mexico mother is reportedly considering legal action after a nurse accidentally cut off her infant son’s toe while the baby was already struggling with several medical issues.

Erica Hogue’s twin sons, Davante and Delante Hogue, have not had an easy time so far in their 8-month-long lives, KOB 4 reports. Erica birthed them through an emergency cesarean section at 29 weeks.

According to Erica, Davante is still in the hospital with a stage-3 brain bleed, though his brother is now home. She said the hospital told her that Davante may never be able to walk, talk, see or hear again because of the brain bleed.

In addition to the brain bleed, the infant also suffered from a hole in the heart and damage from a tracheotomy. However, Erica and her husband were not prepared for what would happen in December 2015.

“He had an IV placed in his foot and the nurse that was taking care of him was cutting away the tape and cut off his toe,” Erica told KOB 4.

Davante is now forced to live without his left pinky toe in addition to all of his other struggles.

According to Erica, an orthopedic surgeon tried to stitch around the toe, but circulation did not return, so Davante’s toe was lost for good.

“It just makes me angry that something like this could happen,” the frustrated mother said.

Erica added that the hospital apologized to her and her husband, but “that is just not enough.” The Hogues are currently considering legal action against the hospital, though that isn’t their top priority just yet.

“Our priority is getting our son home where he belongs,” Erica said.

Sources: KOB 4WFXT / Photo Credit: KOB 4, Phil Wood/Flickr

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