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Parents Believe Doctors Are to Blame for 19-Year-Old Raina Ferraro’s ‘Vegetative State’

Guilio and Iris Ferraro say their daughter went to a Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., hospital in January for a routine procedure which eventually left her severely brain damaged.

Raina Ferraro, 19, complained of stomach pains and underwent an endoscopy, where a tube with a scope is inserted into the bod. Shortly after, Raina went into cardiac arrest and is now comatose and unable to communicate with her parents.

The Ferraros plan to file a lawsuit Thursday alleging that the Westchester County hospital and its doctors were “negligent” and “careless” and failed to properly administer anesthesia to Raina.

Her parents claimed doctors never explained how or what led to their daughter’s condition, which their lawyer described as a “vegetative state.” They said Raina had never had any health problems and was otherwise healthy when she went into the hospital. Unable to speak or walk since the procedure, she is now at a long-term care facility.

Raina, a cheerleader and former Girl Scout, was a freshman at Rockland Community College with the intent to go into social work.

“I feel like we’ve walked into the ‘Twilight Zone,’” Giuli Ferraro told the Daily News. “They stole my daughter from me.”

Hospital charges for Raina’s care have already passed $1 million. The Ferraros are represented by attorney Sanford Rubenstain and Ira Newman.

The Ferraros allege that doctors did not take into consideration Raina’s height and weight when they administered anesthesia, improperly monitored her vitals signs, removed her breathing tube too quickly, and excessively inflated her abdomen leading to cardiac arrest, according to the suit to be filed in Westchester Supreme Court.

“The filing of this lawsuit begins the process in which a jury will ultimately decide who is responsible for this tragedy,” said Rubenstein, “and the damages appropriate to care for this once vibrant young woman for the rest of her life.”

Her father drove her to the hospital on the day of the endoscopy. “Her last words to me were, ‘Daddy, I’m hungry,’” he recalled Raina told him. “I told her that when she was done, I would take her out to dinner for anything she wanted.

“That never happened. I feel like I never got to give her what she asked me for,” he said.

Raina’s parents take turns keeping a vigil next to their daughter’s hospital bed at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center.

“I’m waiting for her to wake up and say, 'Hi Mommy, let’s go shopping,’” she said.

Sources: NY Daily, MyFoxNY

Sources: NY Daily, MyFoxNY


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