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Online Tool Tracks Your Toddler's Diet: Helpful or Overkill?

I’ve got to be honest that I’m not sure how I feel about the Tot it Up Food Calculator, on online tool that helps you track your toddler’s diet . It’s definitely a neat idea. And I’m sure many of you will find it useful, because it certainly is hard to know if your little one is eating well or enough when they nibble like a bird one day and chow like a beast another. I can’t help but wonder, though, if the price for easing our immediate anxieties is feeding a dysfunctional relationship with food.

I know. I take this stuff too seriously. Feel free to breeze over this and get to the next yummy recipe (coming later today!). It’s just… really… do we need to calculate our toddler’s food? Each and every one of them has erratic eating habits. And each and every one goes through picky phases (some wayyyy longer than others, I know). It’s natural. And if we are consistent in offering a wide variety of healthy, natural foods, they will get what they need. They will even, in most cases, develop a taste for more than macaroni and cheese. Promise.

Here are some tips for surviving with a picky eater. Here’s what Dr. Greene told me about making sure that kids get “enough” to eat. And here is the nifty Tot it Up food calculator. I hope that these tools are helpful, whichever and however you use them.

Okay. I’m done. (For now.)


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