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Paramedic Accuses Father Of Being Unfit Parent After Collapsing From Diabetic Condition

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A father was accused by a paramedic of being an unfit parent after he collapsed due to his diabetic condition.

March Le Fey reportedly collapsed while taking care of his young sons, 3-year-old Isaac and 5-year-old Elliot, after his blood sugar levels dropped from diabetes. Le Fey’s former partner, a student nurse, rushed to his aid but ultimately decided to call an ambulance.

Le Fay, 25, said he was criticized by a paramedic upon the ambulance’s arrival for not taking better care of himself considering his condition.

“I was just responding to treatment when one of paramedics laid into me,” Le Fey said.

“He blasted me for not looking after myself and said I was unfit to be a parent. Because I was still coming out of the hypo I couldn’t get the words out to defend myself or explain. But he just carried on and said he was reporting me to child protection at social services.”

According to the young father, the paramedic knew nothing about his medical history before deciding to make the accusatory comments.

“It’s got nothing to do with me not looking after myself,” he said. 

“I have a lot of support from my ex and her partner and the kids are not in any danger. And the accusation made against me by the paramedic was so wrong.”

An investigation was subsequently launched in response to the incident, which occurred last month. Social workers ultimately decided not to take action.

“I was really worried they might take the kids away from both myself and my ex,” Le Fey, who has been diabetic since he was 9 years old, said.

“We are very close and do everything to make sure the kids are safe and well looked after. So they can be closer to both of us, I’m moving into the same block of flats as my ex next week.”

“I have a known complication of diabetes and if the paramedics had bothered to give me a chance I would have told them,” he added. “We all have a right to live. There are plenty of people with diabetes and other medical conditions who look after their kids perfectly safely.”

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