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Paralyzed Man Dan Black Gives Up Dream of Walking, Donates Surgery Money to 5-Year-Old Boy

A paralyzed man named Dan Black has donated $30,000 to a disabled child and sacrificed his dream of walking again so the young boy can walk instead.

According to Yahoo News, Black has been raising money for the past four years after an accident broke his C5 vertebrae and left him paralyzed from the waist down. The 25 year old hoped to pay for new stem cell treatment developed in China, though trials for it will not end for another five years.

When Black heard of Brecon Vaughan’s rare spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, which causes stiffness in the legs and poor coordination, he immediately donated the money.

Brecon, 5, was placed in a pelvic harness after his birth because both of his hips were dislocated. He wore the harness for four months and had three operations by the time he was 13 months old.

Brecon’s surgery will cost almost $100,000 and can only be performed in Missouri by a single surgeon.

"Brecon can definitely walk if he has the surgery,” Black said. “I wouldn't wish being paralyzed on anyone, so if I can help someone walk, I will.”

Black added he is grateful to everyone who has helped him, but that Brecon needs the money more.

“It would make me very happy to see the difference made to Brecon's life,” Black said. “I just hope when I give the money it encourages others to.”

Black’s parents happily consented to the donation and insisted that Brecon should be in the sunshine with friends, not stuck inside a house.

Black sued the motorist last year who crashed into him on his way to work. The two settled on an undisclosed amount of money in court.

Sources: Yahoo News, Free Press Series


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