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Papa Johns Pizza Deliveryman Reports Pot-Smoking Customer

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By "Radical" Russ Belville

You would think that pizza delivery companies would understand who their customers are and that a great number of them smoke marijuana.  If you’re a pizza delivery company in Colorado, you’d understand that many of the marijuana smokers in your delivery area may be legally using cannabis for medicinal purposes.  But apparently Papa John’s pizza in Colorado doesn’t care too much about its drivers violating the privacy of its customers who are medical marijuana patients.

(9News) The man was smoking medical marijuana just before the pizza arrived on Friday evening. The delivery driver smelled the marijuana and called the cops. The Papa John’s employee, who was not identified, was concerned because the customer’s 9-year-old daughter was in the house.

Officers performed a child welfare check and left without filing any charges.

Papa John’s representatives and the delivery driver declined to speak on camera to 9NEWS. They did send the following statement:

“Papa John’s of Colorado wants to stand behind the decision that this delivery driver made. He was acting as a concerned citizen and for what he believes was the best interests of our community.”

The sad part is that the patient in the story has no recourse in court.  Since Papa John’s employees aren’t specifically directed to narc out marijuana users to cops, he can’t really sue Papa John’s for anything.  And since marijuana is federally illegal, a citizen can’t really be sued for reporting a crime to authorities.

However, we can do something about it.  Let Papa John’s know that you don’t appreciate them narcing out any marijuana consumers, but especially not legal medical marijuana patients.  Papa John’s International address can be found here and you canfind the number for your local store here.  Maybe they didn’t learn the lesson Kellogg’s learned when they dumped Michael Phelps for his infamous bong photo: Don’t mess with stoners and their munchies!

Please Tweet and Facebook with the hashtag #BoycottPapaJohns.  It’s already heating up the internet.


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