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Pair Claims To Be The World's 'Best Looking' Couple And Spends Nearly $80,000 Per Year Maintaining Appearances (Video)

A Las Vegas couple who claims to be the world’s “most attractive couple” says they spend upwards of $80,000 a year maintaining their bodies.

Reports say that Buck and Michelle Miller spend over $6,000 a month of everything from their gym membership, haircuts, and tanning, to manicures, pedicures, and food to make their healthy meals. Buck Miller, 27, an amateur bodybuilder, says that they focus on their appearance every single day.

“Without a doubt we are America's best-looking couple - that's a fact - hands down,” Buck, who clearly has a healthy sense of self, claimed. “If there was a competition for the world's best looking couple, I would sign up right now. Every time I walk by a mirror, I'm looking. I'm always asking Michelle to take pictures of my physique.”

The couple, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, met in 2012 at a California body building competition while supporting friends that were competing. The two reportedly maintained a long distance relationship for at least a year until the two got married and Michelle decided to move from Canada to Las Vegas.

“The first thing that attracted me to Michelle was her physique. I've always been attracted to muscly women and her quads were amazing,” Buck admitted. “She really inspired me to get into it too - I wanted to look good next to her.”

Michelle says she’s always been interested in physical fitness and enjoys competing in body building competitions. Her first competition was back in 2011, and even though she had never done one before, she wound up winning.

“I trained myself and in the months leading up to the competition worked so hard,” Michelle said. “I was terrified when I was up on the stage. I was sweating and nervous and excited. But I felt amazing when they read my name out as the overall winner. It was overwhelming.”

The couple says that they now face tons of attention every time they leave the house because of how good they look.

“When we're together people go crazy. When we're on the strip or in a grocery store people cannot stop staring at us, we're mobbed,” Buck claimed. “It's flattering when guys look at and appreciate Michelle. They can look but they can't touch.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror / Photo Source: Daily Mail 


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