Beauty Pageant Mom Gives Botox to 8-Year-Old Daughter


A San Francisco mother regularly injects her eight-year-old daughter with Botox to "get rid of wrinkles," so she can compete in beauty pageants -- and she says she's not the only mother in the pageant world who does this.

Mom Kerry Campbell subjects her daughter, Britney, to this extreme beauty regimen so that Britney can gain an edge in the beauty pageant arena.

If you think this practice is odd, harmful and dangerous, know that Kerry Campbell is now being investigated by the City of San Francisco's Human Services Agency after concerned viewers called in following the Good Morning America interview. (Story continues below.)


"It hurts sometimes, but I get used to it," said Britney, who appeared with her mother on ABC's Good Morning America to discuss this controversial story. Photographs shown during the interview depict Kerry giving Britney the shots, and Britney with ice packs on her forehead and a pained expression on her face.

"When [Britney] does her smile, she has lines," Kerry explained. "It looks way better," said Britney of her face after Botox injections. "Beautiful, pretty - all those nice words."

Kerry is an esthetician, and she gives Britney the Botox injections herself. She told ABC News that she prefers not to reveal where she gets the Botox from: "I have a trusted source," she said.

"It's pretty much the thing [to do]," said Kerry about Botox injections for pre-teens in beauty pageants. "I'm not the only one who does it... It's a tough world in the pageant world, I'm telling you. The kids are harsh. Being confident is something that she has to be with them." She even attempted to claim that Britney wanted the Botox.

Kerry also waxes her daughter's upper leg area. "It was super, super hard to deal with that," said Britney of waxing, but, "I just don't think it's ladylike to have hair on your legs."

Like GMA reporter Lara Spencer said post-interview, subjecting your eight-year-old daughter to Botox means taking away part of her innocence. She shouldn't be worrying about how she looks; she should be thinking about whether it's sunny enough to play outside.


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