Overweight Man Sues White Castle: Seats too Small

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An overweight New York man is suing White Castle, claiming its seats are far too small for him and his fellow large people.

Martin Kessman, who weighs in at a hefty 290-pounds, said this all began in 2009 when he went into his local White Castle eatery in Nanuet to catch a meal. He couldn't fit into the seat.

“They’re stationary booths,” the 64-year-old told the New York Post. “I’m not humongous, [but] I’m a big guy. I could not wedge myself in.”

Kessman wrote a leader to corporate, which read in part:

As I looked around the restaurant, I saw that there were no tables and chairs that could accommodate a person that merely wanted to sit down and eat his meal.

He said White Castle replied with three “very condescending letters” that included coupons for free burgers, "but the cheese was extra!" he claims in the lawsuit filed last week.

But he said White Castle also promised to make changes to its seats.

“They sent me specs and everything, about how the booths were going to be enlarged and made comfortable for people with a little more weight,” Kessman said. “So two and a half years went by, and nothing was done.”

So Kessman has gone to court to demand the bigger chairs and a few unspecified dollars. He claims the Americans with Disabilities Act is “applicable, not only to me, but to pregnant women and to handicapped people."

"I just want to sit down like a normal person,” said Kessman, who said he has no problems fitting into seats at other fast food places as well as airline seats.

White Castle spokeswoman Jamie Richardson said Kessman could have asked for a regular chair. She said there is no timetable for the renovation of the restaurant in Nanuet.


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