785-Pound Woman Begs for Life-Saving Help

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The world’s fattest woman, shortlisted to be on the TLC reality show “My 600lb Life,” is campaigning to raise money for the gastric bypass surgery that may save her life.

38-year-old Charity Pierce weighs in at 785 pounds, making her the world’s largest woman. Most doctors refuse to give her the gastric band surgery that she needs because she is over 500 pounds. But one doctor in Houston, Texas will operate on her.

Pierce needs to have the operation by the end of April in order to appear on the show, which features people trying to lose weight after gastric bypass surgery. While Pierce is on a limited-calorie diet and does exercises, she feels that she needs to show in order to get healthy. 

"The one thing that's going to save my life is gastric bypass. But I'm a single mother on disability with no one to count on besides myself," she writes on her Go Fund Me website.

Pierce has to raise $5,000 to pay for her medical expenses and transportation to Texas. Since she cannot fit in a regular car, she has to pay for a private ambulance. So far the fundraising effort has accrued about $2,300.

The Cedar Rapids single mother also suffers from lymphedema, a condition that causes her left leg to swell. Describing it as “another whole person,” Pierce developed the condition in 2001 after falling down a flight of stairs. She then fought off a flesh-eating bacteria in her abdomen called Necrotizing Facitis.

"They had to cut out 40lb of dead muscle and tissue. My left side looks as though a shark took a big bite out of it,” Pierce told KCRG of the operation to remove the growth.

Pierce has a lot to live for, including her daughter Charly. And she’s engaged to be married—to 22-year-old Tony Sauer.

"I'm determined not to have to get married at home - I want to be able to walk up the aisle," Pierce told Best magazine.

"We both love country music, so I plan to wear a wedding dress, cowboy boots and a cowgirl hat.

"I want to dance all night."

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