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Over 11 Tons Of Beef Recalled On E. Coli Fears

Louisville, Kentucky-based wholesale food supplier Creation Gardens issued a wide recall of 22,832 pounds of beef products after two tests came back positive for E. coli.  

The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) released a recall later that same day, detailing the exact ground beef and beef primal cut products that may be contaminated:

  • 2, 20-lb. packages of “BEEF-GROUND COARSE 80/20” with product code 00297.
  • 48, 4-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES ANGUS 4-1” with product code 00263.  
  • 48, 4-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES ANGUS 4-1” with product code 11062.
  • 24, 10-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES BLACK HAWK” with product code 97675.
  • 1, 60-lb. package of “BEEF-GROUND 80/20 W/SALT CK” with product code 00239.
  • 62, 60-lb. cases of “BEEF-GROUND BULK 80/20 W/SALT” with product code 00291.
  • 30, 6-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES BLACK HAWK” with product code 97673.  
  • 30, 6-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES STRIP-SHORT RIB” with product code 32100.
  • 1, 30-lb. packages of “BEEF-RIBEYE EXPORT BLACK HAWK” with product code 79684.
  • 24, 8-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES BRISK-SHORT RIB” with product code 00274.
  • 30, 6-oz. packages of “BEEF-SIRLOIN C/C BLACK HAWK” with product code 00496.
  • 1 Case of “BFRESH-BEEF SLIDER 15-2 0Z” with product code 02374.
  • 30, 6-oz. packages of “BEEF, PATTIES 75/25 6 0Z STK PAC” with product code 00249.
  • 24, 10-oz. packages of “BEEF, PATTIES 75/25 10 0Z STK PA” with product code 00248.
  • 1, 10-lb. package of “BEEF-GROUND 80/20 HOUSE BRAND” with product code 00300.
  • 24, 7-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES 100% NATURAL ANGU” with product code 00286.
  • 8, 8-oz. packages of “BFRESH-PATTIES BRISK/ SHORT RIB” with product code 02309.
  • 24, 7-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES BLACK HAWK” with product code 77749.
  • 30, 6-oz. packages of “BEEF-SIRLOIN C/C BLACK HAWK” with product code 00496.
  • 24, 10-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES BRISK-SHORT RIB” with product code 99943.
  • 1, 15-lb. package of “BEEF-RIBEYE LIPON BLACK HAWK” with product code 05471.
  • 24, 8-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES ANGUS 2-1” with product code 00258.
  • 30, 5.3-oz. packages of “BEEF-PATTIES ANGUS 3-1” with product code 00261.
  • 1, 10-lb. package of “GROUND, BEEF 75/25 10#;” with product code 00232.
  • 1, 30-lb. package of “BEEF-RIBEYE EXPORT BLACK HAWK;” product code 79684.
  • 24, 8-oz. packages of “BEEF, PATTIES 75/25 2-1 STK PAC;” product code 00240.
  • 4, 10-lbs. packages of “BEEF-GROUND 80/20 HOUSE BRAND;” product code 00299.

Creation Gardens sources its meat from companies in Louisville and Southern Indiana, although it has not been confirmed where the contamination may have originated.

The Courier-Journal reports that the company declined their requests for comment. 

According to the company’s Facebook page, it supplies over 1,500 restaurants in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, as well as Evansville, Indiana; Nashville, Tennessee; and Cincinnati, Ohio.  Though no cases of E. coli were reported by the time of the recall, the FSIS advises customers to throw away or return any recalled products to their place of purchase.

Creation Gardens is not the only company to cause an E. coli scare this month, reports the Miami Herald.  Smucker Foods issued a nationwide recall of flour on May 31, citing E. coli concerns.  The recall affected 20-pound bags of flour from four its brands.

Threats of E. coli contamination are taken seriously in the medical and food safety fields.  Infection by the bacteria can cause a slew of painful symptoms, including stomach cramps, diarrhea and bloody stool.  The FSIS states that symptoms generally disappear within a week, but that individuals should see their doctor if they are bruising easily or are having difficulty urinating. 

E. coli is also a big threat to business.  According to a May 11 report by Business Insider, Chipotle is just now recovering from an E. coli scare that rocked the restaurant chain back in late 2015.  The company’s April 2017 sales numbers mark their first positive reports since the outbreak, though CFO Jack Hartung told CNBC’s Jim Cramer that the company had problems “even before the crisis.”

In addition to the U.S. recalls, E. coli is causing concern overseas.  Food Safety News reported on May 31 that the bacterial infection has left one individual dead. 

The German-based outbreak, which has affected 30 people since it began in December 2016, was also linked to meat.  Investigations have yet to identify an exact source, though they suspect that it can be traced to packaged beef or pork sold at supermarkets.

Sources: Fortune, Courier-Journal, USDA, Miami Herald, Business InsiderFood Safety News / Photo credit: VeeDunn/Flickr

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