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Orgasm Paralyzes Woman For Life (Photos)

A British woman was left paralyzed for life after an orgasm caused a brain hemorrhage.

Lucinda Allen, 43, was pregnant at the time when she experienced a headache during sex that landed her in the hospital, reports Metro.

Six days and five strokes later, Allen woke up from a coma. She had undergone a craniotomy while unconscious. Although her baby was unharmed and later was safely delivered, the mother was permanently confined to a wheelchair.

She eventually learned her post-orgasm headaches were likely caused by a congenital abnormality in a blood vessel.

Allen is now using her experience to warn others about headaches during sex.

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"Nobody talks about post-orgasm head pain," she said. "That’s understandable. But I want to raise awareness of how it can be a warning sign. Because of it, I have lost a huge part of me -- my career, any siblings my daughter may have had."

It turns out many people suffer from headaches after sex, which is likely caused by either increased exertion during sexual activity or spinal fluid leaking from the skull into the spine.

"Not as rare as you think," agreed one Metro reader. "This happened to a guy I was seeing. He ended up getting a lumbar puncture etc.. small bleed on brain so he was lucky."

While many sympathized with Allen's plight and sent her well wishes, some couldn't help but chuckle a bit at her unusual story.

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"Paralyzed by orgasm-give that man a medal!" wrote one person.

"Bet he's feeling guilty...but secretly immensely proud of himself," joked a second.

Others, however, reprimanded those making jokes.

"People shouldn't laugh," commented one individual. "She's very brave for speaking about it and warning others. She's put it before embarrassment."

Allen is not the only person to make news for ending up in a hospital after an orgasm. Masturbation has caused others to meet similar fates.

Ashok Rajamani recalls how a bout of self-pleasuring triggered off a brain hemorrhage, nearly killing him in the process.

"I felt a fierce explosion in my head," he wrote in a book excerpt re-published for Salon. "In a mere instant, the equivalent of an atomic bomb had been detonated within my skull. Between my ears. Behind my eyeballs. My brain had become Hiroshima."

Afterward, Rajamani writes in his book that he spent years half-blind while relearning how to walk, speak, and even eat.

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