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Oregon Republican Party Head Art Robinson Asks People to Send Him Their Urine Samples

The head of the Oregon Republican Party is looking to collect urine samples to aid scientists researching early symptoms of diseases.

Art Robinson, who has run for Congress twice and is also a scientist, mailed out requests for urine to about 42,000 addresses last week, according to the Register Guard.

“You may know me through my family’s recent efforts to improve our representation in Congress,” Robinson wrote in his request for urine. “There is, however, something more that I hope you will help us with. Please consider giving my colleagues and me — a sample of your urine.”

Robinson said he wants people to send him the urine every six months, so he can track chemicals in it and hopefully the samples can be used to research the causes of degenerative diseases.

Being able to detect these diseases early often helps with prevention.

“We know that the effects are there for many years before the person knows he’s sick,” Robinson said. “It would be nice to find it before he knows he’s sick and fight the probability of illness.”

Robinson declined to disclose how many people have replied to his message, but he said he has received some replies from people who want to participate.

The letters he sent out ask citizens to fill out an information card. In turn, they will be mailed a urine sample kit.

Robinson said there is a possibility that he will run again for Congress, and that his research in urine will continue without him if he is elected.

He added that he is not worried about people thinking his requests for urine are odd and not wanting to send their urine to him.

“I won’t see anything wrong with a guy collecting urine samples while sitting in Congress,” he said.

Source: The Register Guard


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