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Oregon Man Gerardo Chavarria Admits to Killing Girlfriend's 4-Year-old Son After Boy Spilled Beer

An Oregon man admitted to killing his girlfriend’s 4-year-old son on Tuesday by smashing the boy’s head into the floor multiple times for spilling his beer. 

Gerardo Chavarria, 24, coldly described how he pounded the head of the boy, Sebastian Iturbe, into the floor after he had spilt Chavarria’s beer as part of a plea bargain. Chavarria’s charge was changed from murder to manslaughter and was sentenced to 25 years in prison, in addition to paying restitution and legal fees. The plea came about just weeks before Chavarria’s trial was set to begin.

“The day this happened I had just gotten up. I was drinking beer, watching TV with Sebastian.” Chavarria said during court. “He did something, I don’t remember what, that knocked over the bottle of beer. For whatever reason I got angry, and I hit his head against the floor.”

Chavarria then explained that he kept pounding Sebastian’s head into the floor until he went quiet. He carried the boy up to his bed, but grew nervous after a few hours and finally took him to Salem Hospital, where he died the next day from blunt force trauma to the head. Chavarria was in charge of Sebastian and his 13-month-old sister at the time.

The boy’s mother, Erika Iturbe Colin, sat in the audience with her parents while listening to Chavarria admit to the murder.

Chavarria initially told police that the boy had fallen down the stairs, but then once the doctors explained Sebastian’s injuries were inconsistent with his description, he changed his story and said he was pushing Sebastian in a plastic child carrier when he fell down the stairs.

Chavarria also admitted to hurting Sebastian two other times prior to his death.

Colin addressed Chavarria while giving her statements to the court.

“I will never get to hear him say, ‘I love you, Mommy,’” she said. “I can’t say I forgive you because I don’t. I hate you with all my heart.”

Sebastian’s family donated his organs after his death, which helped save the lives of three others.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Oregonian


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