Oregon Family of Six, Including Two People with Brain Cancer, Evicted For Unclean Apartment

A little girl named Alyssa Lilly has been battling brain cancer for four years. Her family just learned that her cancer is back and more aggressive than ever. Her father was also recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Now the Southwest Portland family of six has been evicted from their home after management said their apartment was damaged and “too messy.”

Mother and wife Mellissa Weiser-Lilly said they were given an eviction notice from Chateau Hills Apartments, managed by C&R Real Estate Services. While she admits her home was not clean, she did take steps to fix the problem.

“I didn’t sleep like a full night’s sleep, I didn’t even take care of the family,” Weiser-Lilly said, per Inquistr. “I just kind of ignored everybody and everything making sure everything was perfect.”

But the management company was unsatisfied. Now the Lilly family has until May 31 to find a new home. They currently do not know where they will go.

The notice came just a week after Alyssa was diagnosed with another PNET, a primitive neuroectodermal tumor that is rare and usually occurs in children and young adults.

“They said that a reoccurring ‘peanut’ is most likely fatal … And the best thing they could do – the best thing they could do is hit her with chemo and hope for the best,” said the teary eyed mother.

Her husband is also preparing for treatment. “It’s about the size of a quarter on the left hemisphere of my brain – really close to the speech center,” he said of his cancer. “So in the next couple months we decided to go in and do surgery.”

“We need to have a heart at some point and cut this family some slack,” said neighbor Lisa Mann.

Sources: Inquistr, Koin.com


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