Oregon Ducks' Fan Slams Team for Wearing Pink Helmets in Support of Cancer Research (Audio)


The Oregon Ducks wore pink helmets for last Saturday's game against Washington State Cougars to support breast cancer awareness this month and to raise money for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Last week, University of Oregon football coach Mark Helfrich said in a statement on the school’s website GoDucks.com: “Cancer has touched so many lives and hopefully, together with Nike and the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, we can help create awareness and help raise money for the fight against women’s cancers. It is an honor to join Coach Yow’s team in a fight that unites us all.”

After the game, there was an auction of pink helmets signed by some of the Ducks' alumni, including Dan Fouts and Ahmad Rashad.

However, an unnamed Ducks' fan was not happy about the pink helmets and left an angry voicemail for Rob Moseley, editor of GoDucks.com, noted SBNation.com.

Moseley tweeted: "So, yeah. Got this voicemail Friday. Didn't leave a name or number. But this dude was NOT a fan of the pink helmets."

The caller (audio below) sounds as if he thinks the pink helmets are some type of gay rights statement, and never mentions breast cancer awareness or the fundraiser for cancer research.

"When I read they're gonna force those kids to wear pink helmets, Rob, I gotta be honest with you, I almost barfed," said the caller.

"Now they're gonna politicize and feminize the game of football? I mean it's so stupid, Rob. You know, We watch the Saturday games to get away from that crap, sir. Seriously, we do. It's an escape from all that political and all that feminization and all that crap that we're fed all week long and now they're bringing it into the game of college football," lamented the caller.

The unnamed Ducks' fan then implied some homophobia.

"I'm sure that most of those kids, if they're normal males on that football team, they probably resent having to wear pink helmets and pink shoes. I'm sure the Washington State Cougars are really gonna razz them about that and they should. There's no place in football for that stuff, Rob, and you need to communicate that. but you can't, because none of you Oregon men have any gonads," explained the caller.

"Of course this came out of Oregon, the liberal capital of the United States next to San Francisco. It's a shame they're doing this to college football. I mean I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I watch the Ducks this week while they wear pink helmets. You shouldn't do that to the kids, Rob. We're men. Okay? Male, it's a male game. Stop trying to turn it into a powder puff party or a sorority party or a Tupperware party. It's a football game, Rob," concluded the caller.

Sources: Twitter.com, SBNation.com, KayYow.com,GoDucks.com


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