Oregon Cuts Number of Uninsured by 10 Percent with Obamacare


Oregon's health insurance exchange website is not up yet, but 56,000 uninsured people have already signed up for the Oregon Health Plan.

People are being enrolled in the Medicaid-funded program by using a fast-track enrollment plan that allows residents to mail in or call in to consent to be enrolled, reports OregonLive.com.

The Medicaid expansion, which is part of Obamacare, was rejected in 26 states with Republican governors such as Florida, Texas and Louisiana.

Texas Governor Rick Perry stated in April, “Texas will not be held hostage to the Obama administration’s attempt to force us into this fool’s errand,” noted Politico.com.

In order to expedite enrollment, instead of blocking it, the Oregon Health Authority sent out notices to 260,000 people who are already enrolled in the state's food stamps program.

Most of those people are pre-qualified for the Oregon Health Plan in 2014 because under Oregon's rules people must earn 138 percent of the federal poverty level or less to qualify.

This means the monthly income of $1,322 (or less) for a single person or $1,784 (or less) for a household of two will qualify.

According to Oregon Health Authority officials, state's number of uninsured people has dropped by 10 percent because of the mass enrollment into the Oregon Health Plan.

"This is tremendous news for the thousands of Oregonians anxious to get access to quality, affordable health care," Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) said in a statement.

The new online health exchange, when it is up and working, will be called "Cover Oregon."

Sources: OregonLive.com, Politico.com, Bustle.com, Oregon.gov


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