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Online Merchant Offers Women Artificial Hymen To Simulate Virginity For $49

Call it a matter of personal choice, or call it further evidence of the warped values in a patriarchal society. Whatever you call it, the miracle of modern technology now offers women a chance to fake their virginity, to pacify potential husband candidates who still care about such things.

For those of you too young to remember, the hymen is a part of the female anatomy defined as “a thin membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina.” Historically, an intact hymen was considered evidence that a woman has never experienced sexual intercourse, because the first such experience causes the membrane to tear.

The concept was never entirely valid. There are numerous other ways that the hymen could be broken. But now, women who wish to present husbands or other sexual partners with an intact hymen can do so, for as low as $49 from the website

In fact, that price buys you not one but two fake hymens, allowing women to simulate virginity repeatedly.

The Hymen Shop website appears to believe that Muslim women are its chief market.

“When a Muslim girl loose [sic] her virginity, it can take serious problems for her and make her life into complete and deep hell after marriage,” the site advises.

The answer? Install a realistic artificial hymen that not only looks and feels like the real thing, it also bleeds when penetrated, to make the illusion extra-convincing.

Apparently, the device has stirred controversy among some conservatives in Egypt, who have called on their country to ban the product, saying it will encourage young women to engage in premarital sexual relations.

One Egyptian woman summed up the basic problem with not only the product but the thinking behind it.

“I think it’s a shame that we are discussing a product like this,” Lina Samaan, an Egyptian accountant, told the Los Angeles Times. “If most girls don't have sex prior to marriage only because they want to keep virginity, then there is something wrong with the way we think. Sex is a right for every woman but unfortunately we started turning to products like these because men — even non-religious ones who have sex before marriage — wouldn’t marry a girl if she’s not virgin.”

Below is a video in which a YouTube user demonstrates — using her hands only — how the internet-purchased ersatz hymen actually works. A still from the video is above.

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