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Online Fertility Message Boards Make Conception Journey Easier

If you’re TTC, you should BD, then do the TWW until you get a BFP. Understand that sentence? Then you’ve obviously visited an online fertility forum before. These Internet message boards are immensely popular with those who are embarking on the journey to have a baby. They’re full of personal stories, essential information, folk-wisdom tips, supportive and empathetic people – and jargon. Lots and lots of jargon.

The politics of fertility forums range from granola-crunchy to mainstream. Mothering Dot Community used to be known as Mothering Dot Commune, which gives you an idea of the mothers and mamas-to-be who congregate there. BabyCenter’s message boards are slightly more mainstream – you’ll find fewer folks who’ve committed to attachment parenting when their little one arrives (in other words, they prefer to sleep separately from their babies, do sleep training, and wean earlier). The same goes for the forums attached to the “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” website (

BabyCenter’s forums are known as Groups. Getting Pregnant is the group you’ll want to check out. On, go to the message board’s Fertility section, where you’ll find several subforums such as Cycle and Charting Help, Trying to Conceive, and Fertility Tests and Tools. Mothering Dot Community’s Fertility forum contains the subforum Trying to Conceive.

A sampling of the many topics these message boards touch upon: conceiving with polycystic ovary syndrome; charting your body temperature and cervical mucus to determine when you’re most fertile; which herbs, teas, and nutritional supplements increase fertility; and how hard it is when you’ve been trying to conceive for months or years.

Fertility message boards are a wonderful resource for information and support if you’re getting ready to add to your family. Oh, and the translation of the sentence above? If you’re trying to conceive, you should baby-dance (have sex), then do the two-week wait until you get a big fat positive (on your pregnancy test).



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