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Study: One Third of People Who Go to Gym Never Break a Sweat

According to a new study, 1 in 3 gym-goers do not break a sweat while working out. People spend two hours a week at the gym on average, and 29 percent report not sweating. Some say they spend as much time relaxing in hot tubs or saunas as they do on fitness machines.

While half of gym-goers practice a stringent workout routine, the other half spends their time chatting, reading, or ogling other gym-goers. 1 in 10 said they joined a gym in order to meet members of the opposite sex. 10 percent said they got a membership because it was trendy to join a gym. 13 percent admitted that they tell people they’re going to the gym when they actually go elsewhere.

Of 2,000 gym goers in Britain surveyed, 1 in 10 said they would be embarrassed if they worked up a sweat. Women say they worry their makeup will run or smear or their hair will get frizzy if they get too damp. 39 percent said they didn’t know how to use certain equipment and didn’t want to look stupid for asking.

While 29 percent of gym-goers said it provides a much-needed excuse to get out of the house for a while, considering the high cost of membership at a gym it seems wasteful not to get the most of the experience.

“Whilst you need to warm down and chilling around the pool is great, it does seem a little pointless paying for the use of high-tech machines if you are not using them properly,” said Paul Bevington, managing director for Kettler, which commissioned the research.

Source: Daily Mail


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