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'The Biggest Loser' Host Had A Heart Attack

Many are shocked fitness expert and "The Biggest Loser" host Bob Harper spent two days unconscious after having a major heart attack during a workout.

California-based Harper, 51, was hospitalized for eight days after collapsing in a New York gym, reports TMZ.

Luckily, Harper happened to be working out next to a doctor, who administered CPR and saved his life.

He is still in New York, as doctors have not cleared him to fly, but is in better condition.

"He is on the mend," said NBC, reports E! News.

Harper, whose mother died from a heart attack, explains his condition was likely the result of genetics.

Many were taken aback that such an otherwise fit man was vulnerable to a heart attack, sparking controversy and prompting some to argue how healthy his lifestyle really is.

"Exercise can become an addiction, just like anything else," wrote one woman on TMZ's post about Harper's hospitalization, arguing it is possible to "work out too much."

"I've heard of people doing that!" she claimed. "It's stress on your body."

"Sure, obesity is a danger but so is over-exercise," said another. "It is a huge industry though, weight loss and exercise."

"Bob, stop over-working your heart," suggested a third person. "Or you WILL die....sooner than later. But, it's your heart."

Others blamed Harper's diet.

"Most heart disease is preventable (and even reversible) through diet, and Harper recently talked in an interview about having eggs every day and rotisserie chicken for dinner," another person added. "Maybe he'll wise up after this and go back to being plant-based."

"If this heart attack was caused by clogged arteries instead of an infection, then it was 100% preventable and 100% his fault," chimed in another. "Low carb diets, like the one he USED to promote, probably caught up with him."

Some agreed with Harper that it was simply genetics.

"He is a male and over 45 and has a history of heart disease in his family so he has three risk factors that cannot be changed," said another man. "The genetic component is the most difficult to overcome even with exercise and diet."

Sources: TMZ, E! News / Photo credit: Watch It Now Entertainment/Wikimedia Commons

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