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Fox News Correspondent Brenda Buttner Has Died

Popular Fox News financial correspondent Brenda Buttner died Feb. 20 from cancer. She was 55.

She had been the host of Fox's "Bulls & Bears" program since 2000. Before that, she hosted CNBC's "Money Club" from 1990 to 1998, notes the Daily Mail.

"Women are not afraid to simply admit they don't know about something, which men rarely do, so women realize there is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to understanding an investment," she once famously said.

On his show "Your World," Fox News financial analyst Neil Cavuto referenced that quote when announcing her passing. "The thing is, Brenda didn't ask stupid questions," he said. "She asked real questions, and woe to the guest who wasn't ready for them. Brenda kept scores without ever having to settle scores. Everyone deferred to her, everyone listened to her. Maybe because everyone respected her."

He added: "She took stock of life much more than any stock in life. It's what separated her from everyone else in this business. Not just dollars, you see, Brenda had depth. Let it be known that Brenda Buttner made us want to watch a business show with heart. Her heart, her spirit. She democratized dollars and just made sense."

Other Fox News contributors chimed in with their responses to Buttner's passing.

Julie Roginsky tweeted: "Goodbye to Brenda Buttner, one of the sweetest and smartest people I had the pleasure to know at Fox. Rest in Peace, my wonderful friend."

Dagen McDowell wrote his thoughts on Twitter, "Goddspeed Brenda. Words fail to capture all the reasons we love, admire and treasure you so deeply. Heartbroken."

Another colleague, Nomiki Konst, referred to her as being "always warm, welcoming, open-minded and bright."

Buttner earned her undergraduate degree from Harvard and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, where she graduated with honors in politics and economics.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News Insider / Photo credit: Fox News

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