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Woman Gives Surprise Birth On Her Toilet

A 23-year-old woman got a shocking surprise after waking up one day with excruciating cramps.

Klara Dollan was getting ready to start a new job as a sales executive one morning when she started having painful cramps. She figured it was just the start of a bad menstrual cycle, as she hadn't had regular cycles for months. 

Klara chalked up the absence of her menstrual cycle to being on the pill and never gave it much thought. Then, that day, she learned that her cramps had a much more surprising explanation: she was having a baby.

Klara said she endured the pain for most of the day, getting through her 40-minute commute and a two-hour meeting at her new job. However, after some time, she decided the pain was too much and that she had to leave.

According to the Daily Mail, when Klara arrived home, she discovered that she left her keys in her apartment. She tried to kick down the door out of desperation, but ultimately called a locksmith. After waiting nearly two hours for him to arrive, she finally got into her home.

"Every so often there'd be this pain so bad I had to grab hold of the bannister," she told Daily Mail. "The pains then stopped, but I couldn't stand still - I had to keep walking around, going up and down the stairs of my building."

Once inside, Klara said she spent the following hour and a half walking around in excruciating pain. She sat on the toilet and decided she needed to scream to soothe the pain.

"I heard a knock at the door and managed to drag myself off the toilet and open it - by this point I was bleeding heavily," she said. "My neighbor came in and I asked her to call an ambulance. Then I had this extremely painful urge to push: that's when the head came out. My neighbor was in the corridor and I was screaming: 'It's a baby, oh my God! It's a baby.'"

Klara said she had no clue that she was pregnant for the entire duration of her pregnancy. She experienced no morning sickness or pain throughout and barely showed any difference in her figure.

According to MamaMia, surprise pregnancies are more common than expected. 

Kim Walsh, a 38-year-old woman from Sydney, Australia, learned that she was having a baby just two hours before she gave birth after going to her doctor for "stomach cramps." Walsh was reportedly told for 15 years she was unable to have children, so a pregnancy was far outside of what she expected to be causing her stomach pain.

Sources: Daily MailMamaMia / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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